6 Dreamy Shedrow Barns

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Shedrow barns can be underrated and they certainly aren’t for everyone. A shedrow barn features a single or double row of stalls facing an outside walkway. These barns don’t have interior center aisles and are ideal for warmer climates. Typically race horse barns are shedrow style.

Cover photo source: Off Track Thoroughbreds 

Shedrow barn for the horses

This California shedrow barn fits perfectly on a narrow piece of hilly land. The barn was completed by FCP Barns & Buildings.

Shedrow barn with overhang

It’s common for shedrow barns to have an overhang to shield horses from rain or outdoor elements. This L shaped barn by Choice Barns is beautiful.

Shedrow barn in California

DC Builders never fails to impress.  This custom barn was built in San Jose, California. It’s a small shedrow with lots of beautiful design and functionality.  I certainly would take this one 😉

Small shedrow barn with an overhang

Here is another barn completed by FCP Barns & Buildings.

Gray shedrow horse barn

A cute barn shedrow barn is anything but boring with stone pillars, white accents, and beautiful details that make this barn inviting. Photo source is unknown.

Shedrow barn over concrete

Barns are usually form an L shape or a long rectangle. This barn was built by SweetWater Barn Co.

What type of barn do you have?

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