A beautiful Brazilian horse barn

An Architect’s Inspiring Stable in Brazil

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Henrique Pinheiro is an architect and equestrian living in Brazil. His love for horses, attention to detail and design allowed him to create a stunning stable inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s bridge structure.

Henrique designed the barn with careful consideration for his horses, the climate, and lifestyle.

“Most conventional stables in Brazil are of foreign design and are not really appropriate for our climate. I wanted to do something different. The stable I designed provides a bioclimatic effect inside the building using the proper insulation and air circulation from the prevailing winds in different times of year. The design includes a garden nursery for seedling production that is irrigated daily, this gives a sensation of freshness to the indoor environment. The stalls all have large windows that give the horses a complete view of the outside areas, this way they can observe and interact with what is going on around them.”

overhead photo of the horses in the barn

The main structure of the barn is composed of wood and wire, which is covered with an aluminized screen canvas.

the barn under construction

The walls of the stable were completed with the wattle technique commonly used in sec. XVIII of Colonial Brazil – a light wood structure is filled with soil to offer strength.

filling the walls

The walls for the laundry, feed room, and ward are composed of rammed earth and leftover pieces from the project.

horses in their stalls at night

The barn has eight stalls, a laundry room, bathroom, feed and tack rooms, plus a wash area for the horses.

the barn at night

One of Henrique’s favorite stable feature is the roof. He loves to climb up and have a glass of wine while watching the sunset.

horses at the wash rack

Horses in the wash bay.

halters hanging in the barn

There are so many wonderful details in the stable including the use of old horseshoes on the stalls.

horse in the stall with horseshoe wall accents

You can keep up with Henrique on Instagram @graodeterra or visit his website semmuros.com.

beautiful bench and plants

All photos provided courtesy of Henrique Pinheiro.

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