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These Scented Candles Bring Your Favorite Barn Smells Home

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The aroma of fresh hay, leather, horses, and fly spray is something familiar that equestrians love. If we could bottle up that scent and bring it home, we would. The good news is that now you can. Allow me to introduce Grey Horse Candle Co. Chances are you’ve already heard of this equine friendly candle company and their popular scents. Shop some of my favorites below.

sweet feed candle

Sweet Feed – a classic favorite for me.

peppermints for ponies candle

Peppermints for Ponies – nothing beats pony breath after they’ve been eating peppermint.

high end saddle candle

High End Saddle – if you don’t like the smell of brand new leather, we cannot be friends.

Fresh cut hay candle

Fresh Cut Hay – there is something sweet and wonderful about a barn stocked with new hay.

fly spray candle

Fly Spray – it’s an equestrian perfume all summer long.


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