beautiful new horse barn

6 Beautiful Red Horse Barns

Red is a classic barn color that has been around for a very long time. No one knows the real reason barns where traditionally painted red. Some speculate that red was a sign of wealth, rust combatted moss, it helped cows find the barn better – the list goes on. Here are six beautiful red […]

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Designing the Best Wash Rack for Your Barn

A nice wash rack can really enhance your barn – it offers a better experience for the horse and rider. Growing up I simply tied my horses and ponies to a hitching post in front of the barn for bath time, it was on the grass. It wouldn’t take long until the grass was turning […]

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6 Dreamy Shedrow Barns

Shedrow barns can be underrated and they certainly aren’t for everyone. A shedrow barn features a single or double row of stalls facing an outside walkway. These barns don’t have interior center aisles and are ideal for warmer climates. Typically race horse barns are shedrow style. Cover photo source: Off Track Thoroughbreds  This California shedrow […]

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20 Books for the Horse Barn Enthusiast

Drooling over beautiful horse barns and dreaming up designs is normal for horse owners. Here are 20 books you might be interested. From extraordinary barns to practical and basic plans, there is something for everyone. Also see 12 Equestrian Coffee Table Books and 12 Western Coffee Table Books on Horses & Heels. [show_boutique_widget id=”372191″]   Cover […]

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