The Paddock Riding Club in Los Angeles

Around the Barn with a Los Angeles Equestrian

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Horses in Los Angeles? If you are not from L.A., that idea might seem farfetched. However there are more horses tucked away in the hills than you might think.

“I live in the ultra hipster neighborhood of Silver Lake in Los Angeles. People are always surprised to hear I’m only 15 minutes from my barn, let alone there’s a barn in Los Angeles to begin with,” explains Isabelle.

Isabelle and Bailey at the barn

Isabelle Bright is The Modern Equestrian. She is a Southern California native and an accomplished rider. Isabelle rides at the Paddock Riding Club, a hidden gem in Los Angeles.

The Paddock Riding Club

The Paddock is a beautiful and peaceful place for the horse and rider. It’s spacious and the grounds are well maintained.

The Paddock Riding Club in Atwater Village

Isabelle’s Three Favorite Instagram Accounts

@brittsabbah – Not only is Britt incredibly nice in person and her horse Louie is a total doll, but you can see in her photos she’s a real horsewoman. For anyone who keeps their horses at home you know how much of a labor of love it is and I love seeing Britt’s inside look to her backyard barn. Aside from her awesome eventing photos, she frequently posts pictures and videos of her two very sassy minis that love to sunbathe and go on walks around her neighborhood which is always a good mood booster for me.

@equusfails – Because it reminds me that horseback riding isn’t all perfect equitation and well behaved horses. Everyone falls, misses distances, and unknowingly rides a horse that will suddenly decide to audition for the rodeo. 

Non horsey is definitely @napkinapocalypse – Between her hilarious French Bulldog Pam that can seemingly be posed in any position including in a moving remote controlled Mercedes and her super cute toddler and newborn twins in homemade clothes, I can’t get enough. My mom follows her too and we talk about her posts like we know her…”Did you see napkinapocalypse’s post?” 

The Paddock Riding Club lounge area

Isabelle’s own view from the top photos on Instagram are also very popular.

view from the top Instagram photo by @modernequestrian

When it comes to style Isabelle goes for a monochromatic look.

“I won’t ever just ‘throw something on.’ In the non-horsey world I think people would classify it as a capsule wardrobe. It’s not the biggest collection of clothes but each item can be paired with another. I usually stay dedicated to brands I know fit and flatter me well instead of whatever is on trend at the moment.”

Isabelle aka The Modern Equestrian

“My favorite brands include; Ariat, because the styles are relatively conservative but always on trend when it comes to colors and fit. Shop Hunt Club because everything they make can be worn at the barn or on the street and their belts are the most stylish and comfortable things out there right now. Lastly, Kerrits because their price point makes it easy to stock up on styles that literally go with everything in addition to being super comfortable.”

Isabelle and Bailey during a lesson

Isabelle is a brand ambassador for Shop Hunt Club, 2KGrey, Equi-Visor, Kerrits, and Pony Riders Club Bakery.

Isabelle and Bailey

Be sure to keep up with Isabelle on Instagram @modernequestrian.

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