Bourne Hill covered riding arena

8 Stunning Covered Riding Arenas

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Freshly dug dirt is a beautiful thing to an equestrian. Having a riding arena at home is the dream for most of us. Indoor riding arenas can become very pricey, a great alternative to this is a covered riding arena. A roof over your head keeps you dry and protects you from sun while you ride.

The above arena is located at Bourne Hill Dressage, their entire facility is stunning.

Covered riding arena with landscaping

Sometimes a simple metal roof attached to a steel frame is all you need. Plant some beautiful flowers nearby and don’t skimp on the landscaping. Original photo source unknown.

Covered riding arena in Hawaii

This 14,000 square foot riding arena features skylights, security cameras, a dust suppression misting system, surround sound, a viewing deck, and lights for riding at night time. The arena belongs to a 53 plus acre equestrian estate in Hawaii.

Covered riding arena with large windows

This arena leans toward indoor instead of covered but it overs a ton of natural light and ventilation from its massive windows.

Beautiful covered riding arena with landscaping

A beautiful covered arena has definition from its beautiful hedges. I love the idea of using a little greenery as fencing/borders. Photo source unknown.

Covered riding arena

A covered riding arena in the state of Washington was part of a 20 acre equestrian property.

Covered riding arena with viewing area

Clayton Boyd built this arena with a viewing area and decorative cupolas.

Covered riding arena with steel frames

Keystone Barns completed this steel framed canopy.

What does your dream riding arena look like?

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