Stunning round pen that blends in with the home and its features

8 Amazing Round Pens

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A round pen has a different definition for various individuals – some might think of plain metal pipe fence forming a perfect circle, while others think about pristinely designed round pens. Here are eight round pens to make you think outside of the ordinary design.

Above, one of my favorite round pens. This five acre equestrian property in Oregon sold for a little over 1.6 million. Five acres isn’t a lot of land but the pen was designed to blend in with the home’s architecture and be a spacious outdoor arena too.

Raised and covered round pen

A  raised metal round pen with a small viewing area works perfectly in warmer climates. The roof shields riders and horses from the sun. You may purchase this design from Buildings and Barns.

A round pen with a view

This happens to be a round pen with a view! Wouldn’t it be nice to ride and look out at those mountains? The project was completed by Merry Go Round Pens. Consider checking out their entire website for lots of Stable Style worthy round pens.

Beautiful white wooden round pen with a roof

White is nice and this covered round pen offers dutch doors and high walls for no outside distractions. I found the photo on Pinterest with no source – feel free to share the builder and/or photographer if you know them.

Covered round pen with stained wood

It might be a round pen – or a Teomactic ring horse walker. This technology from Rower & Rub allows you to have a hot walker and area to lunge or work.

Metal and wood round pen with nice design

Build a grand round pen or hot walker with the help of Smiros & Smiros. A little Mediterranean style is always a good idea.

Covered round pen

Morton Buildings created this spacious covered round pen with blue accents.

A horse working in the covered round pen

Here is another round pen by Merry Go Round Pens. They offer options to build stalls, viewing areas, and lots of personal touches.

What does your dream round pen look like?


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